Test and Improve

Test and Improve is a diagnostic assessment programme for Grade 8 to 12. It enables you to test your learners’ curriculum knowledge and skills in four easy steps to identify the sub-skills that require attention in order to improve results.



Learners write paper-based or onscreen tests that are CAPS and IEB aligned. Tests are based on the Grade 12 exit exams. Exam questions are deconstructed to diagnose learners’ skills and knowledge.



Tests are marked by subject experts and rich diagnostic reports are generated. Reports are comprehensive and show results on a learner-, class-, or grade level.



Skills and sub-skills which require most attention and development are identified. Diagnostic reports identify your learners strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus your attention.



Knowing your learners development areas can help you implement an intervention in order to improve their results. This makes learning more personalised and effective.


Test and Improve is used as a baseline diagnostic for Grade 8, to inform subject choices at the end of Grade 9 or to ensure a firm knowledge and skills base for Grade 12. 

" I always knew which topics I found difficult but now I know why I found them difficult. "