Platinum Interactive Skills Atlas

Give learners the tools they need to build confidence and improve their Geography skills


The Platinum Interactive Skills Atlas provides Grade 8 to 12 learners with a personalised, interactive learning experience to understand and practise Map, Atlas and GIS skills.

Understanding content

Graded content has been developed into Interactive Skills Activities. Each Skills Activity allows the learner to understand concepts through visual content, animations and explanations.

Practising skills

Learners practise the skills by using interactive tools. For example, when measuring bearing, the learner will use an interactive protractor, ruler and pencil to do the task. A variety of resources such as topographical maps, orthophotos, satellite images and photographs are provided.

Personalised learning

Immediate feedback is provided and learners earn badges. They track their progress on a learner dashboard where they can assign an emoticon to describe how they feel about a skill. This helps them select the skill they would like to practise or go back and practise again.

Watch the Platinum Interactive Skills Atlas video to learn more about how this digital resource can bring learning Map, Atlas and GIS skills to life.