Play to learn


Geomax is a mobile game that exposes learners to the core concepts in Senior Phase geometry. It is proudly brought to you by Papadi Games, a collaboration between Pearson South Africa and Aim.

Making geometry easy and fun

Geomax introduces learners to geometry and engages them in the topic using principles of game design. Game design principles create the elements that keep players returning to games again and again, despite difficult and long challenges. By creating a learning environment that mimics a mobile game, players engage in geometry concepts and are motivated to learn. 

When learners play Geomax, the aim is to collect geometric objects, complete puzzles and move through the levels as fast as possible. A built-in timer encourages learners to improve on their scores each time. The puzzles, hidden traps and raging enemies within the game make learning geometry a completely new and fun experience.

Learning through gaming

Video games have a positive impact on children who play them on four different levels: cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social. Games have shown to improve attention, focus, and reaction time. It has also been shown that children are able to translate the skills that they learn from co-playing or multi-player game play to “peer and family relations outside the gaming environment.” 

Geomax allows learners to:

  • learn geometry concepts with as much fun as playing their favourite mobile game.
  • acquire knowledge and skills independently, without teacher support.
  • develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • access games offline and sync results online. Internet is needed only for initial download.

Teacher tools for holistic learning

Teachers are able to inspire their learners on a new level while covering challenging curriculum content. Best of all, learners can cover the content at their own pace at home and it will be the most fun they have ever had doing Maths homework.

Geomax enables teachers to:

  • help learners understand challenging geometry concepts on their own.
  • address key learning outcomes and build a solid foundation for future learning.
  • track class progress through the teacher dashboard to inform teaching.
  • use learning outcome reports to check learner understanding.

Geomax is aimed at Grade 7 to 12 learners and can be used as a supplementary learning tool, for revision purposes or even to introduce new content. Learners can play the game on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Now your learners can have as much fun learning in the classroom as they do playing their favourite mobile games.

" I like it – it's a challenge. It tests your abilities. You need to think before you move. "