Online Learning

At Pearson, we are committed to helping you find the best solutions to prepare learners to be successful in the face of the changing demands of the 21st century. 

Digital education is changing the way teachers instruct and learners learn. Within a classroom there is a broad spectrum of ability and interest levels and teaching learners with varying learning styles is a constant challenge. 

With a wide range of digital learning solutions from Pearson, teachers have the opportunity to enhance their learners' learning experience and improve learner engagement. Teachers can use technology to design effective lessons that maximise content learning; provide enrichment for those seeking a challenge, as well as provide remedial support for the struggling learner.


X-kit Achieve Mobile

X-kit Achieve Mobile helps learners prepare for tests and exams on their cellphone. With access to essential theory and helpful hints and worked solutions, learners complete quizzes, collect badges and join the leaderboard to compete against their class mates.


Platinum Interactive Skills Atlas

The Platinum Interactive Skills Atlas provides learners with a personalised, online, interactive learning experience to understand and practise Map, Atlas and GIS skills. It gives learners the tools they need to build confidence and improve their Geography skills.



Geomax is a CAPS-aligned, mobile game that exposes learners to core concepts in Senior Phase geometry. It creates a learning environment for players to engage in core geometry concepts, achieve learning outcomes and be motivated to learn, while having fun.