Integrate eBooks into your classroom

Pearson offers the widest range of CAPS-approved content in South Africa, now available in various eBook formats to suit your and your learners' needs. All our eBooks allow learners to:

  • Download and view their entire book offline
  • Search for key words or phrases with ease
  • Create personal notes in their eBook that can be read and found easily
  • Highlight important sections that can be referred back to
  • Bookmark pages for quick, easy reference

Explore our three eBook formats

Pearson offers your favourite school books on your PC, tablet or interactive whiteboard in three eBook formats to meet the needs of your classroom and learners.

Standard eBooks

Our standard eBooks are available as ePDFs and ePubs. An ePDF provides learners with a fixed page layout for a smooth transition to digital books. With an ePub, content resizes to fit the screen size as learners adjust fonts and rotate and flip pages.

  • Download titles once and use offline. 
  • View on desktop, notebook or tablet using an eReader app

Enhanced eBooks

Our enhanced ePubs feature dynamic animations and videos to engage learners.

  • Animations, audio and videos help explain concepts.
  • Access content from Android devices, even when offline.

Interactive eBooks

Our interactive ePubs feature engaging and interactive assessment activities with immediate feedback.

  • Animations, audio and videos help explain concepts.
  • Complete self-marking interactive activities.
  • Access content from Android devices, even when offline.

How to select the right Pearson eBook for you?

When selecting an eBook, you will want to consider three main factors: access, user experience and classroom integration. Pearson can help you determine which eBook is right for you and your learners, and how best to integrate eBooks into your classroom.

" Enhance your teaching and learning exeperience with eBooks, available on PC, tablet or interactive whiteboard. "