They Fought for Freedom: Helen Joseph

Author(s):Frederikse, J Series editor: Pampallis, J Consulting editor: van Wyk, C
ISBN: 9780636022409
Subject: Literature
Grade(s): Grade 10,Grade 11,Grade 12
Language: English

Born in England, Helen Joseph came to South Africa via India when she was 26. Living a privileged life did not stop Helen from questioning racism and inequalities in her adopted country. It was only in her forties when she began working actively to bring about political change.
Helen played key roles in the Congress of Democrats, Federation of South African Women, UDF and ANC. Charged with treason in the 1950s and one of the leaders of the march by women in 1956, the "granny" of the struggle had the dubious honour of being the first South African placed under house arrest. Undeterred by bannings, she constantly challenged her opponents and still had the time to form strong friendships with activists such as Lilian Ngoyi and David Webster.
When asked why she continued to fight against apartheid, Helen replied, 'It makes me more rich than anybody I can think of.' This book shares those riches with a generation of readers who now live in a democracy that Helen herself did not live to see.
They Fought for Freedom tells the life stories of southern African leaders who struggled for freedom and justice. In spite of the important roles they played in the history of southern Africa, most of these leaders have been largely ignored by the history books. The series tells their stories in an entertaining manner, in clear language and aims to restore them to their rightful place in history.