Platinum Instamaths Grade 6

Author(s):Barry, H; Colyn, W; Philander, J
ISBN: 9780636165014
Subject: Mathematics
Grade(s): Grade 6
Language: English

The Instamaths series was developed to provide learners with exercises that promote and consolidate core Mathematics skills. This new version is CAPS-aligned and follows the curriculum week by week. The exercises are progressive and the level is appropriate to allow learners to practise and revise easily.
There are also all new additional online activities to keep learners motivated and interested, and develop their skills further at This user-friendly series is both a resource for teachers who want their learners to have a clear and confident understanding of Mathematics, and a fun and easy way for learners to practise and revise through self-study.
The Instamaths series is also available in Afrikaans as Kitsreken.