The Smart-Kids series provides relevant, South African educational material based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). The series is aimed at developing young learners’ skills in Languages and Mathematics in a fun and interactive way. Smart-Kids is available in Afrikaans as Slimkoppe.

This is why we think you’ll love the Smart-Kids series:

  • Smart-Kids workbooks are written by experienced South African teachers.
  • The products are fully compatible with the latest South African curriculum.
  • The products are easy to use, so you will know exactly what is expected of your child for each activity.

Available in stores and online:

  • Workbooks
  • Skills Books
  • Practice Test Books
  • Readers
  • PLUS! The Smart-Kids Am I ready for school? guide

For the child:

  • Your child will look forward to doing the extra work in these bright and beautifully-illustrated products. There are also extra certificates and star charts to download and use at home.
  • Your child can also do extra online activities, such as flashcardsworksheets and tests in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans.

For the parent/caregiver or teacher:

  • Our Parenting tips and Homework help blogs contains up-to-date advice, information and tips to learning from teachers and parents, either general to primary school learners or specific to a grade.

To find out more visit the Smart-Kids and Slimkoppe websites. One click will give you access to a range of worksheets, flashcards, blogs, games and much more!

" Interactive activity books and readers designed to develop key educational skills "