Offline Learning

Digital learning solutions can help teachers design effective lessons that maximise content learning and enrich the learning environment. However, access to technology and connectivity can be a stumbling block for some teachers.

At Pearson South Africa we’re inspired by the learners and teachers who shape our society and we aim to respond with creative, innovative products to meet your learning needs. We have addressed the continued challenges around Internet access and offer digital solutions that are affordable and customised to the needs of your learners and school resources. 


An offline digital solution to enhance learning

DigiKit will help you embark on the digital learning journey by giving you access to a collection of digital resources to enhance the classroom experience. Using limited digital infrastructure and overcoming school Internet connectivity issues, DigiKit will make teaching and learning more interactive, instructive and memorable for learners.

Rich content has been loaded onto individual USB flash drives and allows teachers to:

  • Show 2D and 3D animations and simulations that illustrate complex theories and concepts. 
  • Explain key concepts in detail and in a relevant context.

Why should you use DigiKit?

  • Media content is aligned to the CAPS curriculum.
  • DigiKit is easy to navigate - animations and simulations are grouped into topics for each subject.
  • Content can be projected from computer for front-of-class use. 

DigiKit is currently available for Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences for Grade 10 to 12.

" Many teachers say that they would welcome an offline digital solution to enhance the classroom experience. "