English in Context Grade 12 Teacher's Guide (Includes Control Test Book and Question Bank CD-ROM)

Author(s):Hendry, JO; Gardyne, HM; Burger, SA; Stewart, R
ISBN: 9780636145948
Subject: Languages
Grade(s): Grade 12
Language: English

The English in Context series offers learners exciting and varied opportunities to study English. The series has been revised to meet all the requirements of the CAPS Curriculum for English Home Language in Grade 12.
English in Context Grade 12 consolidates and extends language and literacy skills and knowledge. Features of this course include:
• a wide range of literary and non-literary texts to develop proficiency in reading and viewing
• activities that promote writing practice across a variety of contexts to help learners develop written, visual and multi-media texts
• opportunities to practise effective listening and speaking strategies and express ideas and opinions
• activities to extend vocabulary use and understanding of language structures
• activities that utilise learners’ existing knowledge and promote imaginative and critical listening, thinking and reasoning
• integration of language and literacy skills across other subjects.
English in Context Grade 12 Teacher’s Guide that supports and assists teachers in the implementation of the curriculum.